Project News November 19

EU Project contributes Kazakh officials to learn Australian experience in establishing a dedicated service delivery agency

ASTANA – Kazakh officials visited Australia to learn about best practices of the engagement of civil society in social services provision. The visit was organised by EU-funded project Kazakhstan Regional Development. The visit lasted from November 07 until November 18, 2015. 

Media About Us November 4

Prospects for territories development were discussed in East Kazakhstan

In Oskemen, Administration of East Kazakhstan region hosted discussions on the Territorial Development Programme of East Kazakhstan for 2016-2020 with the participation of public and non-governmental organizations, a reporter of informs. 

Events November 23

The workshop for advisors and facilitators to support rural Akims in citizen engagement processes and inclusive planning

Objective of the workshop is to increase the knowledge and skills of a group of representatives of each rayon Akimat to identify the most appropriate way to involve citizens in the decision making process and to facilitate public meetings and discussions. 

Events November 4

The discussion on the draft state service standards involving service providers and service users

Objective of the discussion: to proceed inclusive development of service standards at regional/local level in cooperation with the MNE, respective line ministries and pilot oblasts involving service users and relevant NGOs. Document the process and draft an instruction to be approved by the MNE and used by other state bodies responsible for the development of respective standards.