Case Studies January 11

Suggestions for discussion: Implementation of RBB at the local level

This note contains the preliminary suggestions for the implementation of Result-based budgeting (hereinafter - RBB1) further to introduce a new evaluation system of performance of local executive bodies. The main goal is to develop an algorithm for determining a direct relationship between the strategic objectives of regions and expenditures of the state budget. 

Events January 25

Meeting on inclusive planning process for development of Tavria rural okrug in East Kazakhstan oblast

Date: 26-28 January, 2016

Venue: House of Culture, Tavria rural okrug

Objective of the meeting: development of plan of the Tavria rural okrug including citizen participation. Creation of four thematic working groups on the following topics:

Events January 14

The workshop for advisors and facilitators to support rural Akims in citizen engagement processes and inclusive planning

Objective of the workshop is to increase the knowledge and skills of a group of representatives of each rayon Akimat to identify the most appropriate way to involve citizens in the decision making process and to facilitate public meetings and discussions.