Component 1: Institutional Framework for Regional Development Institutions and Policies

Component 1 of the Project supports the development of the national level regional policy framework within which all regional development actions in Kazakhstan will be implemented. This Component provides foundations which will allow specific regional planning and public service delivery actions to be carried out in a coherent and integrated way and build quality assurance systems into their delivery. This regional policy framework will define the nature and content of regional strategies and service delivery at the oblast level.

The overall aim of this Component is to support the government at central and regional levels to design and implement a coherent legislative and institutional framework conducive to the promotion of regional development in Kazakhstan.

The specific aims of Component 1 are to:

  • Review and propose improvements to strategies, legislation, regulations and actions plans for regional development and regional governance.
  • Establish and pilot local government monitoring and performance assessment systems in the 3 pilot regions
  • Enhance institutional capacities of the Centre for Regional Policy under the Economic Research Institute
  • Build the capacities of oblast (Maslikhat) Accounts Committees.


The following activities are foreseen under this component. 

Action Area 1 “Strategies, legislation, regulations and action plans regarding local development and local governance are adopted/ streamlined”:

  • Review current state of relevant strategies, legislation, regulations and action plans and make recommendations regarding their streamlining and operationality.
  • Support the preparation of a detailed Master Plan for Regional development including requested changes in legislation, regulations, institutional capacities, planning, implementation, monitoring, etc.
  • Prepare regular assessment reports on the implementation of the regional development reform and make recommendations.
  • Organise open discussions, round tables, forums, public hearings etc. with the purpose of adoption, implementation, monitoring, and adjusting Master Plan for Regional development and other relevant strategic documents.
  • Support the development of horizontal and vertical communication channels between actors involved in local development issues.


Action Area 2 “Local government monitoring and performance assessment systems are operational and tested in the three pilot regions, and consolidated information on local government's performance is available at the level of the central government”:

  • Assess the current system of performance assessment at local level of the government, in particular focussing on quality of delivery of public services, achievement of strategic aims and tasks, budget management, use of IT technologies.
  • Prepare and develop in cooperation with the Centre for Performance Assessment (and in coordination with all institutions involved in performance assessment) a unified (existing or new) information performance assessment system which would allow effective and operational monitoring, assessment and control of the performance at local governmental level.
  • Present and discuss the draft of the new performance assessment system among akims of the pilot regions, PM and Head of the presidential administration.
  • Test the new performance assessment system in 3 pilot regions.
  • Prepare a Master Plan for the implementation of the new performance assessment system.
  • Integrate the developed and approved information performance assessment system into existing e-government tools.
  • Provide support and assistance to the Centre for Performance Assessment, in particular through advisory, training, study tours, seminars.


Action Area 3 “Institutional capacities of the Centre for Regional Policy under the Economic Research Institute for advising regional development policy makers on problem analysis, strategy development, budgeting, implementation and monitoring/evaluation are enhanced”:

  • Provide assistance in developing the main functions of the Centre for Regional Policy such as observatory for regional and local sustainable development and planning; training development and practice services; development of the e-government applications; support to consultative organs; dissemination of good regional practices to the project pilot regions and other regions of the country, establishment of thematic working groups.
  • Support cooperation of the Centre for Regional Policy with similar centres in the European Union
  • Disseminate the experience of the Centre for Regional Policy and explore the possibility for creation of similar Centres in pilot regions of Republic of Kazakhstan using Regional Training Centres as the base.
  • Provide methodological, information and training support to the Centre for Regional Policy by conducting workshops, seminars, organisation of study tours, etc.
  • Support the creation and further development of linkages with European training institutions on local development.


Action Area 4 “Accounts committees at oblast level are strengthened”:

  • Review budget monitoring system and provide advice on its improvement at the local level.
  • Develop a road map on strengthening oblast accounts committees and other financial accountability mechanisms.