Component 3: Delivery of Administrative Services by One-Stop Shops

The three pilot oblasts are also the primary testing ground for improving the quality, accessibility and efficiency of public service delivery through One-Stop-Shops in Component 3. This Component foresees the design of a strategic approach to the development of the OSS network throughout Kazakhstan. It builds capacity to deliver public services effectively within the oblasts and it focuses on improving the technologies and methodological tools for delivering such services. It underpins all this by improving the management and executive skills of OSS staff in the regions.

The positive outcomes achieved in the 3 participating regions will be disseminated to non-pilot regions for replication where appropriate.

The overall aim of this Component is to improve the delivery of administrative services by One-Stop-Shops (OSSs), with a focus on the pilot regions.

The specific aims are to:

  • Create a long-term strategy for the development of OSS and with a corresponding Master Plan for its implementation.
  • Build individual and institutional capacities to perform the various functions of the OSS.
  • Introduce modern technologies and management tools in the delivery of services by OSS.
  • Improve citizens’ access to the services of the OSS.
  • Ensure that non-pilot regions share in the benefits of the project’s work in the participating oblasts.


The following activities are foreseen under this component.

Action Area 1 “Long term development strategy for OSS is created and detailed master plan for its implementation is adopted and executed. Clear vision among all stakeholders on the future development of OSS in Kazakhstan is ensured”:

  • Review the legislation and functioning of OSS, using existing research, and recommend, if necessary reforms in order to ensure that central government functions such as monitoring, support and performance assessment are functional.
  • Support the relevant authorities in drafting and implementing a comprehensive master plan for the development and functioning of OSS based on functional reviews, including on organisational structure, supportive legislation, staffing, transfer of services to OSS, business processes, lines of responsibilities, reporting, supervision, monitoring and control mechanisms, customer's feedback etc.
  • Support communication and exchange of experience between central and pilot oblast authorities on the improvement of service delivery through OSS.


Action Area 2 “Institutional and individual capacities to ensure regulatory, support and supervisory/ monitoring (central level) and management functions (oblast level) for OSS strengthened”:

  • Assess together with the relevant entities at oblast level the existing capacities, identify gaps and develop a capacity building strategy, in connection with the Academy for Public Administration and Regional Training centres in pilot oblasts.
  • Based on identified shortcomings, support central and pilot oblast entities in developing a HRM system for OSS including performance indicators, job descriptions, performance standards, training programme, motivation system and knowledge transfer systems.


Action Area 3 “Modern technology and management tools for improved provision of administrative services through OSS to the population in pilot oblasts developed”:

  • Advise pilot oblast entities in charge of OSS on implementing modern technologies (e.g. via e-government tools) and management modalities aimed at improved OSS service delivery.
  • Support relevant pilot oblast entities in developing a master plan for OSS service delivery across the oblasts.


Action Area 4 “Access of citizens to OSS in pilot oblasts in particular on lower tier level, improved”:

  • Support oblast entities in assessing access of citizens, in particular on lower tier level, to OSS services (e.g. through "mapping of OSS services"), identify gaps and develop, together with the authorities, action plans for improved access.
  • Support oblast entities in developing and institutionalising customers' feedback systems on OSS services.


Action Area 5 “Spill over benefits to the provision of administrative services through OSSs in non-pilot oblasts achieved”:

  • Develop and implement mechanisms which allow the project to spread ideas and good practices among pilot oblast and to non-pilot oblasts.