May 26

EU-funded project develops competences of rural akims of Mangystau in budget planning

AKTAU – Administration of Mangystau region and the EU-funded project Kazakhstan Regional Development continue their co-operation in building core capacities of elected akims of district centres, settlements, villages and rural districts in the region. Training programme delivered by the Project expert on 26 May focused on budget planning for rural development.   

The objective of the training was to enable elected rural akims to apply key budget planning approaches and instruments for the development of their territories. More than 40 rural akims and staff of their offices districts participated in it. The participants of the event built their competences in:

  • developing budgets for rural districts, district centres and villages;
  • drawing up budget requests for infrastructure projects and projects for preservation of historical landmarks;
  • preparing financial feasibility studies for budget projects and in updated budget legislation of Kazakhstan.

The agenda of the training programme was developed according to findings of training needs analysis of rural akims implemented by the Division of Economy and Budget Planning of Mangystau Regional Akimat. “It will improve the competence of work of elected rural akims: though many of them have no experience of developing budgets, it is a part of their daily work and their direct responsibility”, said Ms Svetlana Nareshova, Acting Head of the Division of Economy and Budget Planning of Mangystau region.

The training on budgeting at rural level was the third event within the capacity building programme for rural akims started by the Project last year. The training programme is aimed to contribute to the implementation of the Concept of the development of state governance and local self-governance in the Republic of Kazakhstan approved in 2012. It foresees the transfer of more responsibility to akims of lower levels, while increasing their accountability for the efficient performance of rural self-government organisations.

The training programme will also be delivered on 1 June in Kyzylorda region. The training materials will be presented to the Academy of Public Administration of Kazakhstan for the use in the training of rural akims of all regions of the country on budget planning and public finance management.

The training programme on budgeting for rural akimsis organised by the Kazakhstan Regional Development project. The project is funded by the European Union and implemented by a consortium led by GDSI Limited, Ireland. Total budget of the four-year-project project (2013-2017) is EUR 6,288,000.