May 19

EU-funded project support Mangystau regional authorities in the elaboration of Territorial Development Programme for 2016-2020

AKTAU – On 19 May, the EU-funded project Kazakhstan Regional Development
launched a support programme to the administration of Mangystau region in the elaboration of the key strategic planning document of the region – Territorial Development Programme of Mangystau for 2016-2020 (TDP). 

This Support Programme has been jointly designed by the Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan and the project experts for three pilot regions of the project – Mangystau, East Kazakhstan and Kyzylorda. 

In Kazakhstan, each region is required to develop its five-year Territorial Development Programme (TDP) as a part of the general state planning process. The TDP is a comprehensive document that looks at all factors and areas of development on the territory – sector by sector, but also in terms of different parts of the territory. It integrates all major policy fields of development of the region, identifies relevant financing and proposes indicators for achievement of goals. The document is also used by the national Government as a basis in monitoring performance of regional administrations. In 2015 every region of Kazakhstan will elaborate such a document for the period of 2016-2020.

TDPs will be used by local officials as guidelines for the development of the regions within the next five years 

The objective of the TDP Support Programme is to assist the administration of the three pilot regions – East Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda and Mangystau – in elaborating TDPs of their regions. These will be used by local officials as guidelines for the development of the regions within the next five years. TDPs will guide regional administrations how to strengthen economic potential of the regions by supporting market sectors of the economy and entrepreneurship in general, to ensure job creation, provide essential public services and social stability in the regions, and how to support a good quality of life for all citizens in all parts of the territories.

In agreement with the Ministry of National Economy and the administration of Mangystau region, TDP Support Programme in Mangystau is structured over a three-month period, from May to the end July 2015. In that period Project’s consultants will work directly with more than 50 staff members of the regional and district-level administrations to develop key inputs into Territorial Development Programme of Mangystau region for 2016-2020. These inputs include analysis of the current situation in the region, vision and objectives of its development and key development interventions and target results.

“We hope that with support of the project consultants the TDP of Mangystau region will become an efficient and handy instrument for those involved in its implementation and the development of our region within the next five years”, said Ms Zhanar Akkenzheyeva, Deputy Head of the Division of Economy and Budget Planning of Mangystau regional administration.

Support Programme to MNE and Regions in the Elaboration of Territorial Development Programmes (TDPs)is delivered by the Kazakhstan Regional Development project. The project is funded by the European Union and implemented by a consortium led by GDSI Limited, Ireland. Total budget of the four-year-project project (2013-2017) is EUR 6,288,000.