December 19

Leading economic and public policy research institutions from Kazakhstan and Poland sign Memorandum of Cooperation, facilitated by the EU-funded project

ASTANA – On 19 December, the Memorandum of Cooperation has been signed between the Economic Research Institute (Kazakhstan) and the Centre for Social and Economic Research (Poland), which envisages high quality policy advice on regional development to the state authorities of Kazakhstan as the central goal of the partnership. 

The partnership has been established with the support of the EU-funded project Kazakhstan Regional Development.  

Economic Research Institute (ERI) is one of the key actors involved in the development of major state programmes and drafting laws aimed at the social, economic and spatial development of Kazakhstan, such as the Unified Programme of Regions Development and Forecast Scheme of Spatial Development of Kazakhstan until 2020. It provides policy advice to the national and regional state authorities, such as the Ministry of National Economy and regional Akimats, evaluates the economic situation in the country and develops recommendations on the interaction of public and private sectors. The ERI is one of the partners of the Kazakhstan Regional Development project, alongside the Ministry of National Economy, the Academy for Public Administration and three pilot oblasts: East-Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda and Mangystau.

In order to make the policy advice offered by ERI more science and evidence based, the experts of the Kazakhstan Regional Development project initiated and facilitated the partnership between the Centre for Social and Economic Research (CASE), a leading economic and public policy research institution in Poland, and the ERI. In 1990s the CASE assisted the policy-makers of Poland during the early years of country’s accession to the EU. Today it advises governments and international organisations on a variety of issues, including the European Neighbourhood Policy, labour markets, competitiveness and entrepreneurship, public finance, economic impact of climate change, etc.

The cooperation between the ERI and CASE foresees a number of specific activities: joint research work, scientific and methodological advice, training of the ERI staff, exchange and internship programmes for researchers. The first seminar for the ERI staff has already been delivered by Dr Christopher Hartwell, President of CASE Management Board.

The partnership between ERI and CASE is facilitated by the Kazakhstan Regional Development project. The project is funded by the European Union and implemented by a consortium led by GDSI Limited, Ireland. Total budget of the four-year-project project (2013-2017) is EUR 6,288,000.