Newsletter of Kazakhstan Regional Development project, Issue #1(2)

Dear Reader,

I am pleased to offer you the second issue of the Newsletter of the EU-funded Kazakhstan Regional Development project. In this issue we would like to share with you the account of our recent work and the developments in the country in which the project is being implemented. All the project actions are in full accordance with the Government’s priorities for sustainable, highly-developed and prosperous regions, effective government structures and civil servants well-trained and equipped for implementing the President N.A. Nazarbayev’s vision of the Republic set in his address “Kazakhstan’s way – 2050”.

Together with the Ministry for Regional Development, regional and local authorities of the pilot oblasts, Academy of Public Administration, Regional Training Centres, One-Stop Shops and other beneficiaries, the project team continues working to achieve the main objective of more equitable development and increasing living standards in the regions. The project is focussing on providing tangible and practical know-how to address the development problems while being flexible in responding to the beneficiaries’ requests. In this issue you will find the summary of the work in August 2013 – March 2014.

Olga Broderick, Team Leader and Regional Development Policy Expert