Newsletter of Kazakhstan Regional Development project, Issue #1(5)

Dear Reader,

As Team Leader of the Kazakhstan Regional Development project I am happy to present some of the work that we have been carrying out in 2015 and 2016 in support of the Ministry of National Economy and the pilot regions (Mangystau, Kyzylorda and East Kazakhstan oblasts).

In this period we have sought to focus increasingly on the implementation of regional and local development, especially within the regions themselves. To this end we have strongly assisted the pilot regions to develop their Territorial Development Programmes (TDP/PRTs) for 2016-2020. More recently we have helped three rayons and three cities to develop their TDPs/PRTs. The important thing in regional development is obviously to implement what has been planned. To this end the Project is now undertaking extensive work to support regional approaches to the development of tourism, to the development of regional innovation, to the strengthening of local self-government and to the introduction of new approaches to regional results-based budgeting.

The Project continues to work with the Centre for Performance Assessment (CPA) of the Economic Research Institute (ERI) to promote efficiency and effectiveness of regional public administrations, especially through the re-engineering of key business and service processes in oblast administrations. Some of these issues are highlighted in this particular newsletter. I wish you good reading.  For further information you may refer to the Project website