Developing Entrepreneurship Education - A Practical Guide

This is the paper version of a tool to assist persons interested in learning and practicing “Developing Entrepreneur- ship Education. A Practical Guide” 

Published in Case Studies on January 18
Case Studies January 10

Regional Development Toolkit

This is the paper version of a tool to assist persons interested in learning and practicing “Regional development”

It was developed in the framework of the Kazakhstan Regional Development Project.  

Case Studies December 14

Project Development Toolkit

This toolkit has been prepared specifically to assist project developers in Kazakhstan to elaborate projects which would be eligible for support under public funding programmes and accordingly to maximise the number of eligible applications for support under the such programmes. 

Case Studies November 9

Business Process Reengineering Practitioner's Guide

This Guide provides a framework and guidance to assist Practitioners of Business Process Reengineering (BPR) undertake an assessment of a public service. 

Case Studies September 27

Inclusive Rural Planning Tool

The Toolkit is designed for all or any Kazakhstani okrug or aul seeking to implement a process of inclusive rural planning that will enable it to direct financial resources to local needs. The Toolkit has been developed on the basis of successful experiences undertaken within the scope of EU financed Regional Development Project. 

Case Studies September 14

Knowledge Tool on the Development of Regional Innovations (RUS)

Данное практическое руководство может представлять интерес для представителей местных исполнительных органов, вузов, научных организаций и бизнес ассоциаций, а также ученых и изобретателей, руководителей и сотрудников офисов коммерциализации технологий, а также других лиц, желающих заняться инновационной деятельностью за счет привлечения собственных и грантовых средств.

Case Studies August 15

Introductory Guide to Business Process-reengineering

The BPR initiative in Kazakhstan is driven by key objectives of the Government of Kazakhstan, The Kazakhstan Presidential decree #273 (13/1/2007) “About measures on modernisation of State Government System of the republic of Kazakhstan, requires improvements to the quality of processes including the provision of public services”. The initiative occurs in parallel with constant improvement of Kazakhstan’s eGovernment portal and network of citizen’s public service centers.